Seachange Framework

SeaChange Framework consists of a group of experienced professional trainers, with backgrounds in business, coaching and leading seminars, as well as deep experience in the mental health space.

Utilizing proven methods based on emotional intelligence, we employ experiential elements and group dynamics that create highly impactful team experiences. These shared adventures, combined with the mindset concepts and leadership tools delivered in them, consistently create extraordinary results in companies.

Our special magic is the ability to create engagement and participation, drawing out even the most reluctant teammates, to engage in the process of coming together as a team.

Our highly interactive facilitation style is based more on participation than lecture, and is a breath of fresh air for our participants. Plus, the impact goes much deeper and creates a more profound impact, than with traditional teaching styles.

Our Approach

The Seachange Framework is an elegant system for implementing intentional culture design within widespread organizations. It is a major challenge, and important one, to manage the collaboration and well-being of the humans who make up an organisation. This is what we do.


Happy Team
The happiness of your team is paramount to the performance of each ship. Emotional and mental health is no less important than physical health when it comes to long-term results. Team morale is greatly impacted by the interpersonal relationships within the team, and yet very little attention is paid to this domain. We help you create a connected culture that will turn “normal life” into “the good life”.
Human Element Compliance
Managing the well-being of your team isn’t just good business and good citizenship, it is also required by most Industry standards. We make it simple to both create and implement the plan. We will do more than just check off the box, our framework will actually shift your employees’ experience and results.
High Performance
The effectiveness and performance of any team is driven by the level of teamwork, and the mindsets of the individuals and collective. We help develop cohesive teams that function as well-oiled machines, delivering superior performance with less stress by focusing on the people that make up the system.
Being in charge does not necessarily mean one has had effective leadership training or skills. These soft skills are hard to measure but have major impacts. We are experts in training leaders, as well as creating leadership at every level of the organization. Some of the skills we can develop:

● Self-awareness

● Self-motivation

● Understanding others

● Motivating others

● Listening

● Organizing groups

● Navigating conflict

● Generating alignment

● Building trust in yourself

● Building team spirit (trust among team members)

● Giving and receiving feedback

● Enrollment

● Connection


Vicky Petalidou

Vicky Petalidou

Senior Leadership Trainer
Sanjiv Beri

Sanjiv Beri

Senior Leadership Trainer
Antonis Iordanidis

Antonis Iordanidis

Technical Director
Business Development
Natalie Herman

Natalie Herman

Senior Leadership Trainer

Our Vision

Our vision is a world of happy people, excited and fulfilled in their role as the economic pipeline of the globe, managed by vision-driven companies that are committed to the well-being of their members.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help create healthy, thriving cultures in your organisation leading to happy, fulfilled team and flourishing companies. We accomplish this by delivering highly impactful experiential emotional intelligence trainings and mentoring program.

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